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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Shreveport, LA

The weather can get hot, muggy, uncomfortable, and downright brutal during summer in Shreveport, LA. We’re on a mission to provide every homeowner in our community with an affordable, efficient cooling system. Keep your system working well with comprehensive maintenance services offered by our team.

  • We’re committed to helping you achieve whole-home comfort.
  • We offer VIP front of the line service for maintenance members
  • Your first pound of refrigerant will be free.

Moon's Air is a team full of NATE-certified HVAC technicians that are specialists in the field of air conditioning. Our maintenance appointments are thorough, our fixes and adjustments are quick and effective, and we make sure that your air conditioner is built to last year after year with professional AC service.

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Central AC Maintenance

Central air conditioners are the most common type of cooling system in Shreveport, LA. That means there are probably more technicians that know how to maintain these kinds of systems, but that doesn’t mean you should choose someone else. Other teams don’t have the certifications, the training, and the equipment necessary to get the job done well.

We have additional perks as well. Being a member of our maintenance team means you get access to $250 of Moon’s bucks to offset qualifying equipment upgrades, and other valuable fixes that could come in handy. Our team is dedicated to diagnosing problems, preventing repair needs, and ensuring that your air conditioner costs as little as possible each and every month. Contact our team for central AC maintenance today.

Ductless AC Maintenance

Ductless air conditioning systems are becoming more popular each and every day. This is for a very good reason! They’re versatile systems that can be installed on the wall of any room, they’re highly efficient, and when one air handler stops working, the rest can keep cooling your home effectively. They’re an ample use of electricity and refrigerant. That being said, your system won’t make it very far without ductless AC maintenance.

Maintenance is vital in such efficient systems, because it helps us keep energy consumption low. We can lubricate many interacting parts, replace components that are on their way out, and make sure that the most sensitive pieces of your system (like the compressor) are in great shape. You’ll thank us for ductless AC maintenance that keeps your system looking good, year after year.

Heat Pump Maintenance

If you have a more conventional heat pump, you’ll still need to invest in heat pump maintenance in order to live up to its fullest potential. Here in Shreveport, LA, these systems get worked to the bone every year because of our mild winters and scorching hot summers. Heat pumps are a great choice to combat the temperature fluctuations, but you’re going to need maintenance to seal the deal. When you become a part of our heat pump maintenance plan, you get access to the following:

  • Your diagnostic fee will be reduced from $89 to $49
  • You will receive the lowest rate possible, which is usually a 20% savings.
  • Your heat pump will receive a lifetime service repair guarantee going forward.

These selling points are designed to save you money, keep you comfortable, and make sure your equipment is in good shape. Call us today and let’s get started!

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