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Heating System Installation & Replacement in Shreveport, LA

What is a heating installation if it’s not comprehensive? We’re talking about all-encompassing, full heating service that takes care of every aspect you could think of. From fixing refrigerant lines, to securing air ducts, to even the electrical set-up, you need the whole shebang. Thankfully, there’s one team that gets it done right every single time—Moon's Air.

  • All of our technicians are NATE-certified.
  • We’ve got a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We’ve scored an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Our team is dedicated to providing thorough heating installation and replacement services for homes all across the Shreveport, LA area. From Bossier City and beyond, we strive for the best reviews with excellent customer service and a craftsmanship that can’t be beat. Seriously, we work with brand name products that you’ll be happy to have in your home.

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Furnace Installation

What do you do when you need a new furnace for your home? Are you even sure that a furnace would be a right fit when compared to a ductless system? It might be easy to search online for "heating system installation near me," but if it brings you to the cheapest amateurs in the neighborhood, then it’s time to switch up your strategy.

Furnace installation needs to be done by NATE-certified professionals who are licensed to carry out this kind of work. With gas furnaces, gas lines need to be hooked up and correctly installed, otherwise you could risk a health hazard. It’s illegal to have someone who isn’t licensed setting up your gas lines, so we recommend you work with a team you can trust for this job. Our team in Shreveport, LA is licensed and trained in the industry so we make sure every installation or furnace replacement goes off without a hitch.

Ductless Heating Installation

Don’t think for a second that your ductless heating installation can be done with the sweat off your brow and your own technical expertise. Unless you’re a licensed and certified HVAC professional, you’re setting yourself up for a voided warranty, expensive repairs, an early replacement, and disappointment all across the board. Put down the tools, pick up the phone, and call our ductless heating installation professionals in Shreveport, LA.

Our team is more than qualified to perform this kind of service. We can set up lines of refrigerant correctly, strategically pick locations for your ductless air handlers to operate in the most optimal way, and we’ll stay late to ensure it works the way you want it to. We even provide comprehensive ductless heating replacement services for homeowners that need to get rid of their old heating system. All this for an affordable price and a guarantee you can count on.

Call Us For Heater Installation and Replacement

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you contact a team of professionals for your heating system installation. It’s the safest, most practical, and most affordable long-term option for you and your family. Call Moon's Air to work with the best team in Western Louisiana so you can give your heater a great start!

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