What Is a “Smart” Thermostat?

July 8th, 2024

Today’s home climate control options are far beyond what used to be possible. New high-efficiency air conditioners use new materials, variable-speed motors, and multi-phase compressors to keep homes cool with much less energy. Heat pumps can do all that as well as heating homes in the winter. And then there’s smart technology.

Smart technology means more advanced computer systems being integrated into all sorts of household items. One product that has a major impact on home climate control is the smart thermostat. What is a smart thermostat? What makes it different from other thermostats? How does it work? Is it worth investing in? Let’s explore some answers.

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Is Something Wrong with Your AC—Or Is It Something Wrong With the Ducts?

June 24th, 2024

When your home isn’t getting cool enough during the heat of the summer, or you’re hearing strange sounds from your HVAC system this time of year, you’re likely to assume that you need air conditioner repair. And maybe you do! But there’s another possibility. Your air conditioner could be fine, and instead you might have a problem with your ductwork. 

Some of the symptoms of an AC problem and a duct problem can be quite similar. And either way, you need a qualified HVAC technician to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it. How can you tell if the problem you’re having means you need AC repair or duct repair? Here are some clues to consider.

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Did Your AC Get Off to a Bad Start in the Summer Weather? Let’s See What’s Wrong…

June 10th, 2024

In our climate, air conditioning isn’t a luxury. It can be necessary for your health and well-being, especially if your family includes anyone very young, elderly, or with certain health conditions. When that heat first hits, you need your air conditioner to be ready to keep up with it.

But what if your AC is just not getting the job done, or is having problems? Then it’s vital to get that air conditioner the help it needs. This will prevent the situation from getting bad enough that the AC breaks entirely, leaving you sweating and suffering while you wait for repairs.

What should you do if your air conditioner is struggling already, when summer’s barely started? We’ve got some helpful tips.

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Common AC Troubles That Can Happen Because of Neglecting Maintenance

May 27th, 2024

You’ve been told that air conditioners require maintenance. You probably know that it should be done every year, and that most people have it done in the spring, just before the air conditioner needs to be in good condition to take on the heavy summer workload. 

But why does an AC unit require annual maintenance? What will happen if you don’t have it done? Serious AC troubles can result. Here’s what we mean.

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It’s That Time Again: Contact Your HVAC Contractors for Air Conditioning Maintenance

May 13th, 2024

Springtime in Louisiana! What’s on your to-do list? Eating fresh strawberries? Going to a food festival? Listening to music at an outdoor venue? How about air conditioning maintenance? It might not be as much fun as other springtime festivities, but it will make your summer a lot nicer. Here’s why.

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You Need Experts for Commercial Server Room Cooling

April 15th, 2024

If your business has a server room, this is the nervous system of your entire enterprise. A person cannot function when something serious goes wrong within their nervous system. Your business will struggle, screech to a halt, or perhaps even not survive if something serious goes wrong in the server room. And what does the server room need to stay healthy? Climate control.

You could try to keep the climate under control in your server room yourself. But is it worth the risk? Definitely not! For commercial server room cooling, you should only trust the experts, not try to DIY or hire an amateur. The stakes are too high. Here’s what we mean.

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Why Does My Heat Pump Keep Quickly Switching On and Off?

April 1st, 2024

A heat pump is a great choice for our climate. It provides fantastic cooling during our long, hot summers. And it can provide warmth throughout the winter as well, with an efficiency that’s far beyond that of any other type of heating system. But, like everything else in this world, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong and your heat pump will need repair.

There are a variety of signs you might notice when your heat pump is having an issue. One you should pay particular attention to is something called short-cycling. Short-cycling is when your heat pump keeps quickly switching on and off. This means you need prompt heat pump repair. Here’s what you should know.

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Why You Can’t Afford to Not Have an Air Purifier in Your Home

March 18th, 2024

As a homeowner, surely you find that there are always expenses around your home. Some of them are pretty consistent, like your internet bill. Some are more variable, like heating and cooling costs. And some crop up very unexpectedly, like the need to replace a major appliance such as your refrigerator. It can seem like you should do anything you can to avoid extra expenses.

What we don’t always realize is just how much it can cost to avoid spending money! One of the things people are most reluctant to invest in is anything to do with their own well-being. Paying for your kids to go to soccer camp probably seems more important than your personal health. But you can’t afford to keep putting your health last. It will end up costing you more! A home air purifier can actually save you money. Here’s how.

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How to Prepare Your Home for a New Heater Installation

March 4th, 2024

Congratulations on choosing a new heating system for your home and scheduling an installation! We expect you’ll be happy with your new heater. Compared to your old one, it will probably be more effective, more efficient, and less likely to encounter troubles or require repairs, just because it’s brand-new.

But first, you have to get through the installation process. Are you ready? Do you know what to expect? There are a few things you can do to prepare your home so that your heating installation will go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Here are our tips.

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How Our HVAC Contractors Handle Your Home Services

February 19th, 2024

When you need a contractor to work on your HVAC system—whether that’s for an installation, routine maintenance, or an urgent repair—how do you choose the right company for the job? First and foremost, you need to do a bit of research, so you can find a contractor whose values and priorities line up with yours. 

Where can you find that information? You can find it right here! We’d like to tell you a little bit about our values so you can see how our HVAC contractors will prioritize the needs of your family and your home.

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