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Why Isn’t Your Heating System Staying on Long Enough?

Monday, November 28th, 2022
Technician working on a thermostat.

You touch the thermostat and your heater turns on, bringing warm, comforting air throughout your home. You still feel chilly a little while later and check the thermostat. For some reason, your home isn’t at the temperature you set it to, and the heater is off. You try turning it on again, and the same thing happens.

Your heater isn’t staying on long enough to get the job done. It could be one of several problems, so let’s talk through the most common ones and find out whether or not you’ll need heating repair in Haughton, LA.

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6 Reasons Your Gas Furnace Isn’t Turning On

Monday, February 21st, 2022

Here’s a frustration you don’t want to run into during the winter: the outdoor temperature has dropped, you’re shivering and so is everyone else in your house, so you set the thermostat to turn the furnace on… and nothing happens. Maybe the blower fan for the HVAC system activates, but the air coming from the vents is at room temperature. Or maybe there’s no air coming from the vents at all.

What has caused your gas furnace to give up? There are several possible reasons. Some you can troubleshoot, others will require that you call us for furnace repair in Bossier City, LA. We’ll look at six potential causes for furnace failure in more detail below.

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Why Won’t My Heat Pump Change to Heating Mode?

Monday, January 24th, 2022

Heat pumps offer many great advantages to homeowners. But the best one, the one that made most people want to get a heat pump installed in the first place, is that heat pumps can work as both air conditioning and heating systems. All it takes to change a heat pump from one mode to the other is a thermostat adjustment. 

Except when, for some reason, a heat pump doesn’t change mode. Heat pumps can run afoul of malfunctions, just like any other piece of HVAC equipment, and if your heat pump is trapped in cooling mode or it’s only sending out room temperature air, you’ll wonder if you need to call the Moon’s Air team for heating repair in Haughton, LA

We’ll take a look at why you may have a heat pump in this predicament. 

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The Cracked Heat Exchanger Is a Serious Problem for a Gas Furnace!

Monday, January 10th, 2022

Gas furnaces are designed with safety as a top priority. As long as you schedule regular furnace service in Haughton, LA each year to have your gas furnace inspected and maintained, there’s very little chance that the furnace will develop any hazardous malfunctions. You can enjoy many years of cozy warmth in your home without concern about the safety of the furnace.

However, it pays to know a bit more about the ways a furnace might develop unsafe operation. The most common concern is a cracked heat exchanger, which may occur in an older furnace or one that hasn’t received regular maintenance. We’ll explain this situation in detail below.

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Why Your Heater Isn’t Evenly Warming Your House

Monday, December 13th, 2021

The invention of central heating systems was to ensure that living spaces throughout a house enjoyed an even level of warmth. Maybe a few temperature fluctuations here and there because of windows and insulation and room placement, but in general, central heating is designed to give all the spaces that need a proper level of warmth.

So if you have a central heating system, such as a furnace or heat pump, that is leaving parts of your house too cold (or some parts too hot), there’s something wrong. The solution may be a simple one, or you may need to call our team at Moon’s Air for heating repair in Shreveport, LA. We’ll look at a few possible reasons your central heating isn’t spreading the warmth around evenly.

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The Big Signs You Need Heating System Repairs

Monday, November 1st, 2021

When the winter season starts, you’ll turn on your central heating in Mansfield, LA. And, if you’ve made sure to have its routine maintenance during the fall, the heating system should perform just as you need it to. 

But even with the best regular maintenance, a heating system can start to malfunction. The heater may abruptly fail on you without any warning, but this is rare. In most cases, heaters will give off warning signs that they’re in trouble and in need of repairs before they worsen. If you know the big warning signs to watch for, you can call our technicians in time to head off a bigger problem, such as the heater failing to work at all. The sooner you handle heating repairs, the smaller the repairs are likely to be.

What are some of the major signs to watch for? We’ve put together a list for your convenience:

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