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Pool Heater Services in Shreveport, LA

Pool heaters come in all shapes and sizes in Shreveport, LA. Because of our mild winters and boiling summers, pools are a wonderful way to stay cool and have fun. Unfortunately, unless you’ve got a pool heater installed by a team of professionals, that pool will only be useful for half of the year!

  • Our team installs pool heaters with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • We’re rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
  • We’ve been proudly serving Shreveport and Bossier City since 1971!

There’s only one team to choose for comprehensive pool heater services—that’s Moon's Air. We’re local, we’re family-owned, and we’re experts on pool heating technology. Give us a call and tell us about the issue you’re having with your pool heater and we promise we’ll fix it completely or your money back!

It’s time to call the best pool heating technicians in town. You’ve been mooned!

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Pool Heater Installation

We joke around a lot here at Moon's Air. You can tell from our slogan that we’re a team that’s easy to get along with and we excel at customer service. But your pool heater, as small as it might be, is no joking matter. It needs to be installed by a diligent team that really knows what they’re doing.

For starters, we’ll need to size your pool. Once we know the water volume that needs to be heated, we need to match your pool with the correct sized pool heater. That pool heater must be hooked up to your home’s electrical system properly, otherwise you could see problems that lead to stressful situations. You can trust that when you work with us, your pool heater installation will get done without a hitch.

Pool Heater Replacement

Pool heaters definitely don’t last forever. With how often we use our pools here in Shreveport, LA, they never get close to lasting that long! While we can help your pool last long into old age with repairs and maintenance, eventually these fixes will not be cost-effective anymore, and you’ll be better off with a pool heater replacement.

Don’t worry, it’s fast, effective, and quite simple. Our team can be in and out within a day, with the right amount of equipment to remove your old pool heater and replace it with one that’s more efficient, more effective, and that’s not going to break down the moment we leave! We’ll stay late and ensure that your pool is as warm as it should be.

Pool Heater Repair

What’s worse than a malfunctioning pool heater? A technician that says they’re going to fix the problem, only for two problems to sprout up in its place when they leave. It’s frustrating, stressful, and feels like you’ve wasted your money when you work with amateurs like that. We understand how that feels, and we promise that our pool heater repair services in Shreveport, LA are better than that.

You can tell how invested we are in your pool heater by the fact we offer preventative maintenance services to counteract the wear and tear it gains over the years. By signing up for pool heater maintenance, you get access to a professional technician that can adjust it, fix it, inspect it, and let you know of any repairs that will be needed in the future. Sign up for our maintenance program for long lasting care.

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