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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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How Can I Tell If I Need Duct Testing?


One of the most important services we offer our customers is duct testing in Mansfield, LA, and throughout the Shreveport area. During duct testing in a home, we seal off the ventilation system, pressurize the ductwork, and then use manometers to test how well the ducts maintain that air pressure. If the pressure begins to quickly drop, we’ll know the integrity of the ducts has fallen and the ductwork needs sealing to return to make it airtight again. (If it ever was. Poor duct installation is unfortunately common.)

But since you aren’t sitting around with a manometer to test the pressure of your ducts and you can’t visually see most of the ventilation system, how will you know it’s time to give us a shout for duct testing? We’ll give you some answers to this question and pointers for detecting when you’ve got ducts that need an inspection.

Duct testing as a routine service

One easy way to determine when to have ducts tested is time. We recommend you make duct testing a service you schedule on a regular basis. A good schedule is every five years. Our technicians can catch early when there are ductwork problems that are already costing you but haven’t made themselves too obvious yet.

Moving into a new house

We also recommend testing the ductwork when you move into a home. You won’t know the condition of the ducts or how well the previous owner maintained them, and testing will tell you if you need to have the ductwork sealed. Check if there are records of recent duct testing or other duct services.

Declining HVAC efficiency

A major warning of air leaks in the ducts is when the HVAC system loses efficiency and costs more to run. If the air conditioning system is still relatively young (less than 10 years) and you don’t notice any other problems with it like short-cycling or strange noises, the problem may come from leaks in the ducts. We can test the ducts as well as examine the HVAC system to find out where the problem lies. 

Moldy and musty air from the vents

Gapping and leaks in ductwork allow the air from closed-off spaces of the house to infiltrate into the ventilation system. This air comes from between the walls and in the attic, and it will bring with it a musty and sometimes moldy odor. The problem could come from mold inside the air conditioner, but if it isn’t, we recommend testing the ducts.

Changes in humidity

Humidity is a major comfort concern during our summers, but a well-balanced HVAC system in good condition helps keep it under control in a house. Duct leaks, however, will throw off this balance and allow humid air to enter the circulation through the house. This is a good reason to have our technicians check for leaks.

Low airflow from the vents

When the air pressure inside ductwork drops because of gaps and holes, the airflow coming from the vents will also drop. When you notice rooms aren’t getting strong currents of air from the vents, call our professionals to find out if the ducts need their integrity restored.

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