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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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Repair vs. Replacement: What to Do With Your AC

Is it time to repair your air conditioner already? Is it because your AC is on its way out, or will a repair hold you over so you don’t have to spend thousands to replace it? It can be a slippery slope to navigate, so let us help you with that.

Getting AC repair in Bossier City means that your air conditioner is inspected by a professional during the process. They need to know what’s causing the reason for your repair call, and what that damage or inefficiency does to the rest of your system. But what if your air conditioner is too far gone? Let’s talk about that.

Consider Your AC’s Age

At a certain point, wear and tear just beats even the most well-maintained air conditioners. They’ll last for ages, but they’re not invincible. When your air conditioner crests over the ten-year mark, it’s going to be much less efficient than you’re used to.

Maintaining your air conditioner and performing timely repairs is important to make sure you get the longest life out of your air conditioner as possible and reduce the number of replacements you’ll have to pay for over your lifetime. But if it’s aged out, repairs could eventually be a money pit.

Your Comfort Has Decreased

You’re not as comfortable as you’re used to. You call in for repairs, then your AC works well afterwards—that’s great. But what happens if it doesn’t provide the relief you were expecting after the repair has been completed?

That’s a possibility, and that means despite the repair doing what it’s supposed to do, the air conditioner simply isn’t as efficient as you need it to be. That signals that a full replacement is necessary, so start budgeting for it now before the AC loses more efficiency.

Energy Bill Spikes

Look at your energy bills just before you get annual maintenance, and just after. Taking the seasonal changes and AC/heater use into consideration, you should be able to see some immediate and noticeable differences.

After your air conditioner maintenance is done, the next month’s bills will be noticeably lower. Your AC loses a certain amount of efficiency over time regardless of maintenance and repairs, so when the differences get smaller and smaller on your energy bills, that shows that efficiency is starting to slide.

The 50% Rule (Cost of Repair)

Your AC breaks down, a technician comes in, and they inspect the damages. When they quote you on the repair cost, it’s alarmingly high. You have every right to be appalled, but if that’s what it takes to fix the AC, there’s no way around it.

It’s often the last straw before replacement. If your air conditioner has a repair that costs 50% or more of the price of a brand new air conditioner installation, it’s time to put your current unit out to pasture. Repairs don’t get cheaper from here on out.

It’s Not Always Straightforward

Sometimes it’s worth the gamble to repair your AC and see how long it holds on for. But if repairs are too frequent and breakdowns are stressing you out, it’s time to consider a full replacement. Don’t let your comfort be interrupted by frequent breakdowns and damages: replace your AC when necessary.

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