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50+ Years of Serving
The Shreveport Area

50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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How Our HVAC Contractors Handle Your Home Services


When you need a contractor to work on your HVAC system—whether that’s for an installation, routine maintenance, or an urgent repair—how do you choose the right company for the job? First and foremost, you need to do a bit of research, so you can find a contractor whose values and priorities line up with yours. 

Where can you find that information? You can find it right here! We’d like to tell you a little bit about our values so you can see how our HVAC contractors will prioritize the needs of your family and your home.

Doing the Job Right

At Moon’s Air, we believe that the job’s not done until it’s done right. It’s no good slapping a quick fix on your HVAC problem if you’ll just end up needing more repairs next month. We fully assess the whole situation so we can find a solution that will make a lasting difference. 

We don’t want repeat customers just because we didn’t fix their issue properly the first time. We want happy customers who don’t need to come back for quite a while. Those are the ones who will recommend Moon’s Air to their friends and neighbors!

Comprehensive Services

If a contractor only provides some of the services you might need, you’ll always find yourself searching for a new contractor who can do those other jobs. At Moon’s Air, we want you to come to us, no matter what help you need with your HVAC system. This means we offer installation, maintenance, and repairs on all kinds of HVAC systems and components.

  • Air Conditioners to get you through those long, hot Louisiana summers.
  • Heat Pumps for summer cooling and for the most efficient heating option there is.
  • Evaporative Coolers which provide cooling using the evaporation of water.
  • Geothermal Systems to heat and cool with the power of the Earth.
  • Furnaces of both gas and electric varieties.
  • Radiant Heat which can warm your floors and keep your toes toasty on the coldest mornings.
  • Ductwork which may need cleaning, sealing, repair, or replacement.
  • Ductless Systems for energy efficiency or for homes without ductwork.
  • WiiFi Smart Thermostats so you can control your home’s climate from your phone.
  • …and more!

A Professional Reputation

We’ve been in business for more than half a century. In order to last that long, we’ve clearly built up a good professional reputation. And the way we’ve done that is by being thorough and hardworking, but also by being respectful of our customers. 

We will take pains to avoid damage or mess to your home while working on your HVAC system. We will discuss all your options to help you work within your budget, and never push you toward expensive solutions you don’t need. And if we hustle along, it’s because we respect your time and don’t want to waste it, but we’re always happy to slow down and explain something or answer any questions you have.

When you’re looking for the ideal HVAC contractor in Benton, LA, you can’t go wrong with Moon’s Air.

Contact us today to schedule any HVAC service you need.

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