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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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How to Prepare Your Home for a New Heater Installation


Congratulations on choosing a new heating system for your home and scheduling an installation! We expect you’ll be happy with your new heater. Compared to your old one, it will probably be more effective, more efficient, and less likely to encounter troubles or require repairs, just because it’s brand-new.

But first, you have to get through the installation process. Are you ready? Do you know what to expect? There are a few things you can do to prepare your home so that your heating installation will go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Here are our tips.

Clear Your Schedule

If it’s a simple installation of the same type of heater you’ve had before (say, replacing an old electric furnace with a new electric furnace) the process should be quick. Some installations are done within about four hours! But you should keep your day clear just in case. 

There are times when an installation can take more than a day, but you will know about this in advance. This occurs when modifications need to be made to facilitate the transition from one type of heating system to another, or when damaged ductwork requires significant repair or replacement.

Clear the Way Outdoors

Think about where your installers will park their truck and which door will make it easiest to navigate your home with a large appliance. Then clear the way from the parking spot to the door, making sure there aren’t any stray bicycles or hoses and that any branches or other debris is raked away. If your new system is a heat pump, you’ll also need to clear the way to the spot where the outdoor unit will go.

Clear the Way Indoors

From the door to the area where the heater will be installed, make sure there’s plenty of space for a large piece of equipment to be moved through. Move any furniture that might block the way, and tidy up anything on the floor that might catch the wheels of a dolly or cause someone who can’t see their feet to trip.

Clear the Installation Area

Your installers will need space to work and to move the old heater and the new heater around. Move anything you can to give them plenty of elbow room. Sweeping up any dust and cobwebs is always appreciated. And in general, it’s a good safety practice to keep the space around the heater clear and clean for at least a few feet, to avoid fire hazards, so this is a good thing to do anyway.

Secure Your Pets

Right before your installers arrive, collect your pets and secure them in another part of the house. We would hate to let an indoor pet escape while we’ve got the door propped open to move your old heater out and your new one in. We would never want to step on the paw of a curious pup or kitty who just wants to see what all the excitement is about. Keep them safe by keeping them out of the way.

We hope you feel more prepared now for your heater installation in Haughton, LA. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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