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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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It’s That Time Again: Contact Your HVAC Contractors for Air Conditioning Maintenance


Springtime in Louisiana! What’s on your to-do list? Eating fresh strawberries? Going to a food festival? Listening to music at an outdoor venue? How about air conditioning maintenance? It might not be as much fun as other springtime festivities, but it will make your summer a lot nicer. Here’s why.

AC Maintenance Improves Comfort

The effectiveness of your air conditioning system diminishes over time. Dust clogs create disruptions to the airflow. Lack of lubrication makes moving parts struggle to slide past each other. Wear and tear take a toll on the compressor, the critical component which keeps the refrigerant flowing. Professional maintenance can resolve these issues so you’ll be cooler and more comfortable.

AC Maintenance Increases Efficiency

Many of those same problems that contribute to ineffective operation can also cause the air conditioner to use more energy as they try to get the same job done, simply due to friction and poor air circulation. And when dirty, dusty, unlubricated parts start to overheat, they’ll cause the AC to shut off thanks to the safety mechanisms in place to prevent the appliance from catching fire.

But your home is still too hot! So as soon as your air conditioner’s motor cools down, it will try to start up again. Since the problem’s still there, it will immediately shut down … only to try again moments later. This is called short cycling, and because the startup is the part of the cycle that uses the most energy, and it’s happening many times as often now, your electric bill will skyrocket.

AC Maintenance Reduces the Need for Repairs

In addition to cleaning and lubricating, AC maintenance involves the technician inspecting every part of the system and testing the electrical components. This means that if something is just starting to go wrong, it can be easily corrected. These tiny issues won’t turn into big problems that require major repairs later in the summer. In fact, the vast majority of potential repairs can be avoided with maintenance.

AC Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Air Conditioner

The compressor is the part of the system that, when it fails, will take the whole air conditioner down with it. It’s so costly that it’s not worth replacing that component in an older AC unit and only having it run for a few more years. So anything you can do to protect your compressor will help your air conditioner to live a longer life.

All that strain and wear and tear of being caked in dust, lacking lubrication, and having minor issues unfixed put a great deal of pressure on the compressor, which has to spend more time running to try to compensate for all these problems. With regular maintenance, your system will last ten or twelve years. And what if you never get AC maintenance? Well, you can cut that life expectancy in half.

To keep your AC system running effectively and efficiently, to make sure it won’t need frequent repairs, and to help it last as long as possible, you need annual maintenance from qualified HVAC contractors in Bossier City, LA.

Contact us today to discuss your air conditioner’s maintenance needs.

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