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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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You Need Experts for Commercial Server Room Cooling


If your business has a server room, this is the nervous system of your entire enterprise. A person cannot function when something serious goes wrong within their nervous system. Your business will struggle, screech to a halt, or perhaps even not survive if something serious goes wrong in the server room. And what does the server room need to stay healthy? Climate control.

You could try to keep the climate under control in your server room yourself. But is it worth the risk? Definitely not! For commercial server room cooling, you should only trust the experts, not try to DIY or hire an amateur. The stakes are too high. Here’s what we mean.

The Equipment Creates a Lot of Heat

The optimal temperature of a server room is right around or just below 70°F. But every single server generates a great deal of heat. As an example, let’s consider a server with an 800-watt power supply, and imagine that it is being used at full capacity. This creates over 3,000 BTUs per hour, an amount of heat that’s easily enough to keep a medium-sized room cozy. And that’s just one server.

The Equipment Is Sensitive

It only takes one overheating incident to change the resistance of a resistor. When this happens, it will start to create unpredictable errors, which can be difficult to track down. Once you determine that the source of your strange problem is a resistor, it’s impossible to determine which of the many resistors on a circuit board is at fault. 

The Equipment Is Expensive

When a problem with a tiny component means having to replace a large section of a system, the cost can be high. And in this case, you could be looking at equipment that is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Imagine having to replace that because the temperature in a room full of objects that raise the temperature got a little too high. Yikes!

Humidity Must Also Be Controlled

It’s not just temperature that servers are sensitive to. Moisture is terrible for electronics, and humid air causes oxidation, the process that results in corrosion. This gets in the way of electrical connections, leading to malfunctioning or nonfunctioning circuits. The humidity in your server room must be carefully monitored and kept under control or, again, you’ll have expensive equipment to replace.

Sensors Are Critical

If temperatures do creep beyond acceptable limits, and the system is unable to control it, there’s not much time to correct the situation before major damage occurs. This means you must have precise sensors that trigger an alert to be sent in the case of an unexpected problem. Only then can your team respond quickly enough to prevent a costly disaster.

Don’t gamble with such expensive, sensitive equipment! For your server room’s temperature and humidity control, only trust a reputable commercial HVAC company in Shreveport, LA

Contact us today to discuss your commercial server room’s HVAC needs.

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