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Here’s What Happens When AC Maintenance Is an Afterthought

Monday, September 18th, 2023

Your air conditioner runs throughout the year, and its operation fades into the background. We take it for granted and don’t realize just what’s happening mechanically. Your AC goes through its paces, and it needs a tune-up to make sure it’s ready to go for another round next summer.

When you get AC maintenance in Shreveport, it should always be to prevent problems from popping up in the first place. With a proactive plan in place and routine tune-ups, your system will stand a fighting chance, but without that, this is what you can expect to happen.

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And Now Let’s Talk About Prepping Your AC in Spring…

Monday, March 21st, 2022

In our previous post, we addressed concerns about your heating system at the end of the winter season. Today, we’re switching topics entirely, because spring has officially arrived and it’s now time to think about warmer weather. And that means talking about your air conditioning system.

We rely heavily on our home air conditioning systems during the middle of the year, and you’ve certainly put plenty of “miles” on your AC (unless you just had a new one installed). All this wear can cause problems for any AC unless it has professional attention to inspect, adjust, clean, and generally tune it up before the major heat arrives. In other words, now is the best time to call our team at Moon’s Air for air conditioning maintenance in Haughton, LA, or elsewhere in the Shreveport Area. 

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It’s Almost Spring: Sign Up Today for AC Maintenance

Monday, March 8th, 2021

Spring is almost here, and although that doesn’t mean we get instant warm weather, it’s still a time to get your house ready for the coming heat. This is when we recommend our customers schedule their air conditioning maintenance in Shreveport, LA

Early spring is the best time to have this job done because it preps the AC just before it has to be used the most. You’ll be right on time, and the AC will be fresh from its maintenance appointment to do the best cooling job for you during the summer. 

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