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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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And Now Let’s Talk About Prepping Your AC in Spring…


In our previous post, we addressed concerns about your heating system at the end of the winter season. Today, we’re switching topics entirely, because spring has officially arrived and it’s now time to think about warmer weather. And that means talking about your air conditioning system.

We rely heavily on our home air conditioning systems during the middle of the year, and you’ve certainly put plenty of “miles” on your AC (unless you just had a new one installed). All this wear can cause problems for any AC unless it has professional attention to inspect, adjust, clean, and generally tune it up before the major heat arrives. In other words, now is the best time to call our team at Moon’s Air for air conditioning maintenance in Haughton, LA, or elsewhere in the Shreveport Area. 

Maintenance Is an Annual Necessity

Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect annual AC maintenance, whether because they’ve just forgotten among a hundred other tasks or because they think maintenance is an “extra” service that doesn’t need to be done every year. We want to emphasize how important regular maintenance inspections and tune-ups are for your residential air conditioning system. It can mean the difference between an AC that gives you years of economic and worry-free service and an AC that wastes money, regularly needs repairs, and needs to be replaced years early.

Let’s break down the advantages of keeping up with regular maintenance for your AC:

Longevity: The manufacturer’s estimated service life for most central ACs is 10 to 15 years. But that number takes into account regular maintenance. What happens without maintenance? Those numbers will drop… sometimes in half!

Energy Efficiency: A non-maintained air conditioner will lose, on average, 5% of its energy efficiency per year, which means higher utility bills. A maintained air conditioner will only lose 5% of its energy efficiency over most of its service life, and that’s a huge difference in what it costs to keep your house cool

Repair Frequency: Maintenance removes much of the wear and tear that cause an AC to deteriorate with time, as well as removes the dust and dirt that lead to many repair troubles. If an AC has regular professional service, it will encounter more than 50% fewer repair needs during its service life.

Reliability: You never want to have your AC fail on you right in the middle of a heatwave—but an unmaintained system is at a much higher risk of this occurring. You’ll enjoy much better peace of mind if you have an air conditioner heading into the hot weather with its maintenance needs seen to.

Warranty: The equipment warranty for an air conditioner requires that the system has regular professional service to stay valid. You don’t want to void this important consumer protection—it can be costly!

Sign Up for Our Proactive Savings Agreement

Moon’s Air offers a convenient way to keep your AC in great shape: our Proactive Savings Agreement. Sign up and you’ll receive two precision tune-ups a year (the second is for the heating system) as well as special membership benefits. Ask us for details!

Moon’s Air has provided whole-home comfort since 1971. Call us for service today—it’s good to be Mooned!

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