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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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Do My Ducts Really Need Cleaning?

Repair technician cleaning duct by removing hose.

Duct cleaning takes care of a specific subset of issues that your AC unit can run into, but which most people rarely consider.

Your ducts work as the arteries of your AC. Now it’s time to find out just how much work they’re doing and if you need duct cleaning in Shreveport, LA. Duct cleaning solves a number of key issues that can develop with your HVAC system.

Ducts Gather Particles

Think about your air filter as a first line of defense in protecting your air conditioner. However, the filter is not perfect. Particles get through and would normally go through to the blower Particles accumulate on the interior walls of your ducts as the air gets pulled through. This dust and debris will accumulate onto the duct walls.

At first the particle layer will be small, but after three to five years it will becomes significant enough that it will create resistance against airflow, and this will hurt your HVAC system’s energy efficiency as well as lower the system’s effectiveness. This is the main reason to have your ducts cleaned every several year. If you’re paying more for your home comfort, it might be time to have the ducts cleaned.

Dust Can Cause Bad Odors

The ducts you use to cool your and heat your home are one and the same. This means that while dust and debris won’t produce harsh odors when you’re cooling it, heat is a different story. Heat in your ducts causes dust to burn off, producing a funky and unwelcoming smell.

While this may only happen a few times at the start of the season, it’s unpleasant and poses a potential fire risk in the future if left unchecked. Cleaning your ducts prevents this entirely and ensures better safety for you and your family.

Inspections Can Unveil Larger issues

Your ductwork could have problems that aren’t clear to you from normal operation. There could be mold growing in your ducts. If it gets bad enough, it could result in a complete replacement of your ductwork. Duct cleaning also acts as a point of inspection to ensure the air you breathe is safe for your family.

Notice Signs of Vermin

Depending on the season, vermin may try to use your ductwork to move throughout your home. This is bad for multiple reasons. Nobody wants an infestation, but it’s also about what vermin can do to your ductwork. They’ve likely chewed holes through your ducts and tanked your energy efficiency as a result.

Additionally, vermin can also affect your HVAC system as a whole. If they chew through wiring or bring debris into your unit, it could spell disaster. The inspection you get with duct cleaning is invaluable.

Schedule Duct  Cleaning Today

If you don’t know when your ducts were last cleaned, it’s probably time to get it done again. Schedule routine maintenance as soon as possible to keep your ducts nice and clear and functioning as intended. Your air quality and home comfort depends on it.

Contact us today to improve your air quality, HVAC efficiency, and get your AC to peak performance.

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