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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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Is Something Wrong with Your AC—Or Is It Something Wrong With the Ducts?


When your home isn’t getting cool enough during the heat of the summer, or you’re hearing strange sounds from your HVAC system this time of year, you’re likely to assume that you need air conditioner repair. And maybe you do! But there’s another possibility. Your air conditioner could be fine, and instead you might have a problem with your ductwork. 

Some of the symptoms of an AC problem and a duct problem can be quite similar. And either way, you need a qualified HVAC technician to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it. How can you tell if the problem you’re having means you need AC repair or duct repair? Here are some clues to consider.


Many sounds, like a deep booming, wet bubbling, or a grinding noise, are almost definitely caused by an AC problem. Some others, like whistling, are much more likely to be a duct issue, caused by air being forced through a gap. But there are also a lot of sounds that could be either.

Rattling, buzzing, vibrating, clattering—is it the air conditioner or the ducts? Try to determine the location where the sound originates. If it’s either the indoor or outdoor AC unit, that’s probably where the problem lies. If you hear the sound in other parts of the house, or it’s loudest near a vent, chances are, a duct issue is to blame.


A hot smell, like scorched dust or burning plastic, is probably coming from the blower fan motor and indicates overheating. A fishy smell can be caused by electrical fire, because it produces ammonia, which is also produced by dead fish. These are extremely serious AC issues. Turn off the system so a fire won’t start, and get AC repair immediately.

A smell like mildew, garbage, or vinegar can be caused by mold or bacteria growing somewhere in the system. Again, consider the location where the smell is strongest. Near your indoor AC unit? The source is probably the condensate pan which catches the condensation that drips off the evaporator coils. Near a vent? There’s probably enough moisture in your ducts somewhere for mold or bacteria to grow.

Performance Problems

If you’re not getting enough cold air, or it’s not being adequately distributed throughout your home, you know you’ve got a problem. But where? If the AC’s cycles are quite short, and it’s shutting down every few minutes, that’s an AC problem, and it will prevent good distribution. With air conditioner repair in Benton, LA, the cause of the problem can be pinpointed and fixed.

If some of your vents are producing plenty of cool air and others little to none, it’s probably a duct problem. Perhaps a kink or blockage is stopping the air from flowing to that vent. Or perhaps a tear or break is allowing the cool air to be lost before it gets to that vent. Either way, duct repair is the solution.

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