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What Is a “Smart” Thermostat?


Today’s home climate control options are far beyond what used to be possible. New high-efficiency air conditioners use new materials, variable-speed motors, and multi-phase compressors to keep homes cool with much less energy. Heat pumps can do all that as well as heating homes in the winter. And then there’s smart technology.

Smart technology means more advanced computer systems being integrated into all sorts of household items. One product that has a major impact on home climate control is the smart thermostat. What is a smart thermostat? What makes it different from other thermostats? How does it work? Is it worth investing in? Let’s explore some answers.

What Smart Thermostats Do

Once upon a time, thermostats were simple dials. You could only vaguely approximate the temperature you wanted your home to be, and the slightest bump could change your settings dramatically. 

Then, digital thermostats came onto the market. They could be set more precisely. Some of them could even be programmed to automatically change your home’s temperature according to a set schedule, but the process was complicated. 

Enter the smart thermostat! They can be set with perfect precision, not just from a wall-mounted thermostat but from your phone. They can be easily programmed, allowing you to have total control with ease. They can even help you find new ways to be more energy efficient, collecting data for you on your heat and AC usage and giving energy-saving pointers tailored to your usage patterns. 

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

The ease and precision of setting your thermostat and the ability to program easily and receive programming help from the system are both amazing in terms of simply enjoying your home more and being more comfortable. But they also help you save energy. Knowing exactly what you need and when you need it, the smart thermostat will prevent you from wasting energy when you don’t really need heating and cooling.

Beyond that, it will help reduce the need for AC and heating repairs and help your air conditioner, heat pump, and/or furnace last longer. How? Part of it is reducing use due to the points mentioned above. But you’ll also be able to receive alerts on your phone which will let you know when there’s a problem and remind you about maintenance tasks like changing the air filter.

It’s also remarkably delightful to be able to check on your home’s temperature from anywhere. You can realize, once you’ve gotten to Peru, that you forgot to change your thermostat to the “away” setting to save energy. What a waste it would have been in the past! But now, you can simply use the app on your phone and change your settings from South America, or anywhere else you happen to be.

If you’re still not sure whether this is the right system for your home, consult an expert in all things HVAC in Haughton, LA. We’d be delighted to provide all the information you need to help make a decision.

Contact us today to discuss your thermostat or any other HVAC needs.

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