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50+ Years of Serving
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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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Watch for Early Signs Your AC Needs Repairs


With the warm weather already here, you’ll start putting your air conditioning system to good use. If you haven’t already scheduled air conditioning maintenance with our team, we recommend you do that ASAP, since there’s nothing better for helping to prevent repair troubles in the future and ensure your AC runs at high energy efficiency. 

But maintenance can’t stop all air conditioning malfunctions, and even at the start of the season, you might have a reason to call us for air conditioning repair in Shreveport, LA. Below are a few early indications of AC troubles. If you’re in doubt about your cooling system’s performance, please call us—we are here to help!

Hot spots in the house

The AC is running, and the living room and kitchen are as cool as you need them to be. But some rooms aren’t. Hot spots are often an early indication that the AC is losing its cooling capacity or the air handler is in trouble: enough cooling is getting through the ventilation systems for some rooms, but it’s not enough. Pushing the thermostat lower isn’t an effective solution, and it may cause damage to the AC. Call technicians to find out what’s wrong. 

Odd noises from the AC

These sounds are anything other than the standard whir of motors, the compressor, and air forced through the vents. They can include hissing, clanging, clinking, shrieking, and grinding, and can point toward a wide array of different problems. 

Low airflow from vents

If you’ve noticed rooms aren’t cooling down as fast as they should and then discovered extremely low airflow from the room vents, it could mean several problems. The first thing to check is the air filter: if it’s clogged, change it for a clean one and that may solve the issue. If the filter isn’t at fault, the problem could be from a malfunctioning air handler or leaks in the ventilation system.

A first month of high electrical bills

Keep a close watch on your utility bills for the first month you run your AC for the season. You’ll see an expected increase in power usage just because the air conditioner is now running. But how much higher is it? If it seems abnormally high, it often warns that something is wrong with the air conditioner that’s forcing it to work harder than it should. 

The AC is starting and stopping rapidly

An air conditioner is supposed to run in cooling cycles where the compressor stays on for 15 minutes or more before shutting down for a stretch. If your AC is running in shorter cooling cycles then this and gets caught up in a start-stop process, it’s short-cycling. Many different problems can cause this, and short-cycling itself is damaging for an AC, and you want it stopped as soon as possible. Call for our technicians to look into the issue and see what needs to be fixed. (It could be as simple as the clogged air filter again, so check that as well.)

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