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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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Watch Out for These Late Summer AC Problems!


If you remembered to have professional maintenance for your air conditioning system at the beginning of the year, you’ve likely had a trouble-free summer with your home cooling. However, the end of the summer is the most hazardous time of the year for an AC, even if it’s had a proper tune-up and inspection. With the heat still beating down, often hotter than ever, and an air conditioner having already gone through several months of hard work, the risk of a cooling system breaking down is higher. We recommend you pay close attention to how your AC is running and even consider a new ac installation. Either way, call us as soon as anything seems wrong.

Here are some common issues that can strike an AC during the dog days of summer.

Failing motors

The wear and tear on the AC motors that power the two fans and compressor can lead to them burning out. Loss of lubrication and dust contamination are common sources of a system burning out early, although regular maintenance does a good job at preventing this. If you notice an acrid smell from the AC or hear mechanical shrieking and grinding noises, call for repairs because the air conditioner likely has motors in trouble.

Dirty condenser coil

The condenser coil is the outdoor refrigerant coil located in the condenser cabinet. It’s where the AC releases the heat it draws from inside the house to the outside. Over the summer this coil can collect dirt, mud, mulch, and general grime, all of which make it harder for the AC to remove heat.  This will cause a drop in the system efficiency and can also force the AC to overheat. You can wash off the condenser cabinet with a hose on low pressure, but for a full cleaning, we recommend calling us.

Failed capacitors

Capacitors are important electrical components in an air conditioner: they send voltage to the motors to start them running and keep them running. The capacitors are susceptible to extreme heat, which can cause them to begin to lose their ability to hold a charge. If the compressor struggles to start or shuts down too early, the trouble may be with a failed capacitor. HVAC pros can replace the dead capacitor.

Clogged air filter

This is a common problem and also one that’s easy to both fix and avoid. If you haven’t changed the air filter for your HVAC system since the AC had its spring maintenance, then the system is definitely overdue for it. A clogged filter causes air conditioning efficiency to drop, puts strain on the blower motor that can make it overheat, reduces airflow into the AC and cooling levels around the house, and can allow dust and debris inside the HVAC cabinet to cause damage.

If you’ve got an aging air conditioner (older than 12 years) and it begins to fall behind at the end of the summer, we recommend you look into a new AC installation in Shreveport, LA for the fall.

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