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50+ Years of Serving The Shreveport Area


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Why Is There Water Leaking from My Air Conditioner?


You probably only notice the sounds from your AC when something goes wrong, and you hear a clanging and banging sound. It’s always a good idea to call for AC repair in Benton, LA when you’ve got that type of noise from an air conditioner.

But have you ever thought about the sound of running water that sometimes comes from the AC? No, it’s not a warning sound. It’s one of the most normal noises you’ll hear from a central air conditioner. It does tell you that there’s water in the air conditioner, and where there’s water, there can be water leaks. If you notice water dripping out of your indoor AC unit, it will likely require repair technicians to fix it. Please don’t ignore it, because leaking water can soon lead to a fully broken AC.

Why You Hear Water in Your AC

If you know anything about air conditioners, you’ll understand that standard ACs don’t use water to cool the air. ACs use refrigerant. The process of removing heat from the air by evaporating cold refrigerant also creates water. It’s the same process that causes condensation droplets to form on the outside of a glass of cold liquid: water vapor forms on the outside as heat moves in.

Since having water droplets build up inside an air conditioner isn’t a good idea, an AC has a system to drain out this moisture. Water drips from the coil into a pan, and a pump then draws the water out of this pan and through a line to the outside, where the water drips harmlessly onto the ground.

Why Water Might Escape From Your AC

This condensate system for an AC works well at keeping the system healthy, but it can’t be flawless. If trouble arises, it can mean water leaking out of the AC. 

One common source of a leaking AC is because the condensate drain has clogged up. A common source of clogging is algae, which grows easily in a damp, dark environment like this. If the drain clogs, the shallow condensate pan will overflow. You may see your AC shut off in this case, since it will trip a limit switch. One warning you’ve got an overflowing pan is when the screen on your digital thermostat goes blank. We recommend calling us if this happens. 

Another cause of an overflowing pan leading to water leaking from the AC is if the condensate pump motor gives out. Without the pump to move the water, the moisture will build up in the pan until it flows over the edge. The pump will need a replacement. 

Corrosion can cause water to leak as well. If the condensate drain corrodes, it can rip away from the bottom of the drip pan and let the water go right through it. Usually, you’ll need technicians to replace both the drain and the pan to fix this. 

Extremely high humidity—and we definitely get that here!—can also overwhelm the condensate system. If this occurs, it often points to other problems with the AC. We’ll check it out and find out what’s wrong.

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